Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

Want to know the Bulk Whatsapp Software that best suits your business?

Are you looking to know if Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software is the best Whatsapp Marketing solution to reach your database of prospect clients?

Are you tired of having to buy countless Whatsapp Channels because Whatsapp kept on banning them?

Do you want the best Whatsapp Marketing software to go along with your Whatsapp Channel so that you can run a successful Whatsapp Marketing campaign for your business?

By now you must have known that there are two components for a successful Whatsapp Marketing campaign. These are: Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels. By earlier articles, we have already discussed the difference between these two components. In essence, Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels cannot work without the other.

The current Marketing Trend

Because the demand of many businesses for various Whatsapp marketing solutions such as Bulk Whatsapp software has significantly increased ever since the widespread success of Whatsapp Marketing, it is inevitable that many Whatsapp Marketing providers will also take advantage of this trend and develop other Whatsapp marketing solutions.

The frontiers of traditional marketing had long been broken since the onset of Internet Marketing. Many years have passed since then, many types of marketing had dominated the digital world and the recent player that entered the scene is Whatsapp Marketing. Along the rise of demand of this newest trend of mobile marketing is the massive decline of SMS messaging marketing. This is not surprising considering the many advantages of Whatsapp over SMS messaging.

Whatsapp Messaging VS SMS Messaging

Many merchants have been utilizing Whatsapp as part of their marketing tool as it enabled them many functionalities with minimum cost involved. As compared to SMS messaging, Whatsapp have a number of advantages. To cite a few:

  • Whatsapp does not limit messages to a character parameter of 160. You can send longer messages with no extra cost added.
  • You can practically reach anybody in the world with Whatsapp with almost no cost involved. All that is required is Internet connection and you can immediately connect with anybody.
  • Whatsapp allow users to send not only text messages but also image, video, audio and even Vcard and GPS. You can also compose and send a message with a combination of the above-mentioned formats.

The many advantageous facets of Whatsapp are also what drove many marketers to utilize this platform in their effort to promote their own products and services to their clients and prospects. As the main driving motivation of many business owners is increasing profit and minimizing cost, adapting Whatsapp in their system of business makes a lot of sense. However, Whatsapp developers prohibit the use of their application for commercial purposes and that presented another great challenge to users who wished to tap on the power of Whatsapp marketing for the use of business.

There is no question about the power of Whatsapp in terms of being a professional and effective platform for merchants to communicate with potential customers or create loyalty program to their existing customers. It is now hailed as the newest and most effective tool of marketing different products and services nowadays. Unfortunately, there are countless complaints that many Whatsapp Marketing Providers are practically ripping off merchants with their defective products and poor to non-existent customer service.

Our piece of the pie

The foregoing scenario is what motivated our team to work harder to create an image that is trustworthy to all clients and prospects. Creating various Whatsapp Marketing solutions such as different kinds of Whatsapp Marketing software and other bulk whatsapp software are our forte because we have been working in perfecting our products and services since Whatsapp started to gain popularity. As a company, we have always adhered to prioritize and meet the satisfaction of clients as we believed this is the best way to achieve longevity in the business.

As a Whatsapp marketing provider, we are dedicated to providing merchants high quality Whatsapp marketing solutions such as many types of Whatsapp Marketing software and Whatsapp Channels that would help them better utilize Whatsapp marketing in their business. We are geared towards making every client’s life easier by not only offering them quality Bulk Whatsapp Software and other Whatsapp Marketing Solutions that are relevant to their business but we would also provide them with top of the chain level of customer support.

And as part of our aim to add value to the business of our clients, yet again we have developed another quality product that is a great addition to the marketing system of any form of business. We have worked for months on end to perfect this Bulk Whatsapp software and we feel proud to be finally releasing this in the market. This bulk whatsapp marketing software is packed with useful features that are guaranteed to make your every marketing effort seemingly effortless.

A slight overview and fun fact

Whatsapp started out as a simple messaging app for mobile on 2009 and it was named the way it is by developers Jan Koum and Brian Acton (which by the way were former employees of Yahoo!) because it sounded like “Whats up?” The app had a rough start but it gained momentum at latter part of the year. That same year, Whatsapp switched from free to a paid service to prevent being overrun by users primarily because of the cost of having to send verification codes to new users. Two years after the app was developed and launched, it landed as one of the top 20 apps in Apple’s US App store. By late January 2015, Whatsapp Web (Whatsapp for PC) was launched.

A slight overview and not so fun fact

Whatsapp become an established success in the field of making communications better. However, it doesn’t allow commercial use and even imposed a 300-messages-per day per user policy. That created a huge disappointment for many merchants who wished to reach a huge number of audiences for their business. But people are smart so they began creating software that basically by-pass the 300-messages per day restriction. We are one of those smart people. We developed Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software to address the many problems that merchants like you face in terms of connecting with your audience.

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software

Do you consider yourself a smart business owner, manager, marketer or professional?

Do you want to make more out of your time by utilizing the best Whatsapp Marketing Software available in the market in marketing the products and services of your company?

Do you want the best Bulk Whatsapp Software that will enable you to send multitude of messages to other whatsapp users?

Do you want the best Whatsapp Marketing Software to pair with your Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Senders so you can run an effective Whatsapp Marketing campaign?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, consider yourself redeemed because we have the best Whatsapp Marketing software for you!

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing software is a Whatsapp marketing solution that will not only allow you to send multitude of Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users but also afford you many functionalities that will give you more value of your time. With this Bulk Whatsapp software, you can do more than just send broadcast messages to a wider audience but you can also experience the following benefits:

Benefits of using this software:

  1. You can globally access any Whatsapp number

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software allows you to reach out to any other whatsapp user at whatever part of the world. This will improve your chances of attracting clients to buy and avail of your company products and services!

  1. Gives you the ability to send audio, videos and images through WhatsApp

This Whatsapp Marketing software affords you greater creativity where you can compose a compelling Whatsapp Marketing campaign to better attract your potential clients. As Whatsapp enables its users to send messages with text, audio, image and video, you can now better showcase your creativity in communicating your Marketing campaign to your audience.

  1. Receive WhatsApp Replies

This feature allows you to monitor and compare what Marketing campaign works better than the others through the kind of response that you will get through this Bulk Whatsapp software.

  1. Automated Marketing

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software allows you to automate your messages which will allow you greater control of your time. Program your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns periodically and let the software do the rest of the work!

  1. More economical

This is the best part of this Whatsapp Marketing solution. Having Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software in your system will minimize the marketing cost of your business. This benefit helps address the age long struggle of merchants in minimizing the cost of having a business.

Why choose our Bulk Whatsapp Software over other Whatsapp Marketing Software being offered by others?

As mentioned earlier, we are not any ordinary Whatsapp Marketing Provider. We provide more value by offering you not only the right Whatsapp Marketing Software for your business but we would also provide you excellent support. As our client, we would provide you instant support when you avail of our products and services.

Interested to know more?

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Purchase our Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software and unlock all features to fully enjoy your Whatsapp Marketing experience!

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