Bulk WhatsApp Sender vs WhatsApp Bulk Sender vs WA Script in 2020

There is a long list of questions people have who enquire about WA Script. And of the major questions that people ask is:

Whats the difference between Bulk WhatsApp Sender vs WhatsApp Bulk Sender vs WA Script.

In this post, I will explain the basic difference in the working of all kinds of desktop based WhatsApp marketing tools. VS WA Script and how its difference.

Well, mostly all kinds of tools that are available in the market right now. Like Bulk WhatsApp Sender, (Rebranded/Resold as WhatSender, WhatsApp Bulk Sender, and other names such as WhatsApp Sender Pro, WhatsApp Turbo Sender, WhatsApp Sender Pro, etc.) are basically all operating the same way.

They automate the process of sending messages via WhatsApp’s https://web.whatsapp.com access. And whatever operation you will do manually on Web.WhatsApp.com can be automated using this tool. Like sending messages. Sending messages to new contacts. Finding active whatsapp number by one number each time. Etc.

Of course, these tools do works. But, on a VERY VERY LIMIT SCALE.

Like it’s fine if you want to send like 20-50 messages at a time. But, then you are bound by a single number being used by these desktop tools. At a time.


Majority of these tools have gone extinct because of the new SPAM filters, and smart & intelligent machine learning AI created by WhatsApp to deduct any kind of SPAM/BOT activities on WhatsApp Server.

And since these tools are always working in a linear way. Like for example, you assign the task to send messages. The software does that.

It doesn’t works the way a real WhatsApp marketing solution should work, in order to by pass WhatsApp SPAM filters.

That’s the number 1 reason why WhatsApp tools, don’t work anymore. And will continue having issues in the future.

Now, you might be wondering. How is WA Script different in terms of how it operates?

Well, we have written a detailed article on this page. Where we have explained how WA Script works different in comparison to other tools such as Whatsapp Bulk Sender, Bulk WhatsApp Sender and other tools such as WAPP Bulk Turbo.

The major difference is in WA Script’s ability to imitate a normal user behaviour which is way more advanced then the usual 20$ desktop tools floating in the marketplace. And 2nd major reason is the ability to utilize WhatsApp Hash Channels instead of regular web.whatsapp.com operated WhatsApp channels.

I recommend reading the whole article on this page. In order to get a better understanding about WA Script and how its different from any other WhatsApp Marketing, Blasting, and Promotions Software available in the market right now!


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