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WhatsApp Marketing Software Reviews & Pricing 2020 – Is WA Script Better in 2020?

Majority of the people who are looking for a robust WhatsApp Marketing Tool whether it’s a desktop based WhatsApp Marketing Software or a web based WhatsApp Marketing Script, Panel, or Service based Solution are confused about purchasing the right decision today. It’s really difficult to honestly review which is the best WhatsApp Marketing Software today in the marketplace.

What’s the reason for that?

WhatsApp Marketing Software Reviews & Pricing Comparison

That’s because majority of the desktop based WhatsApp marketing software are very outdated, don’t work as they promise and majorly waste a lot of your time, energy, efforts as well as your marketing money which makes it difficult to operate a profitable and stable WhatsApp marketing campaign that can scale on large volumes and give you proper benefits of WhatsApp marketing.

Now, don’t get me wrong. But, if you just want to send 50 messages per day to people automatically. Then, it’s completely fine to use desktop based WhatsApp software such as WhatsApp Bulk Sender, Bulk WhatsApp Sender, WhatsApp Sender Pro, WhatSender, Blaster Bulk Sender, Firesender Pro, WhatsApp Blaster Pro, Whatso, Whatbot and all these kinds of WhatsApp Blasting & Promotional software that can really do the job for you short term. It’s an easy fix. Automate your web.whatsapp.com and send messages from your own WhatsApp Number.

(Though, its a high risk of getting your WhatsApp number banned when you keep using these kinds of WhatsApp software send messages using same number each time!)

Please continue using these desktop tools. And this post is not for you. Bye. Thank You!


If you really want to know the secret behind underground WhatsApp marketers who are really able to scale their campaigns to millions of WhatsApp numbers all automatically in today’s time. Then, you really need to read this post from START to FINISH!

Pay very close attention to what I am going to reveal to you in this article. Because it’s the real secret behind any successful WhatsApp marketing campaign vs massive failure in WhatsApp marketing!

First, Let’s start with understanding how does WhatsApp marketing works.

In order to run any kind of WhatsApp marketing campaign. You need two things:

  1. WhatsApp Marketing Software – The tool, whether desktop or web based to automate your WhatsApp messaging.
  2. WhatsApp Channels – Pre-activated, stored and real WhatsApp number to send messages using your automation tool

Let’s talk about the state of WhatsApp Marketing Software.

No Desktop Software for WhatsApp Marketing Works Properly since Oct. 2019!

I can tell you why. It’s because majority of the desktop tools use the same old methods and ways of operating the most stupid WhatsApp marketing automation.

WhatsApp have been able to trace majority of these desktop tools. And knows how the software automates the process. Every desktop tool available is predictable to the way it operates and your number gets blocked because of WhatsApp’s advance machine learning and spam detection algorithms development recently, in order to combat any kind of spam, promotional, and marketing activities on it’s platform.

The best way to do WhatsApp marketing today is to use a solution which is advance enough to understand WhatsApp latest algorithm to understand WhatsApp on a deeper level.

And that’s where WA Script comes into place…

WA Script imitates a normal user behaviour automatically and communicates with other peer channels uploaded into the system on autopilot. These helps create a normal Whatsapp activity on an ongoing basis and when you run the campaigns which are messages sent to unknown numbers the campaign is started. We don’t surpass the daily limit and hence the ban is avoided on WhatsApp. You can set daily recommended limit of 20 messages per day per channel that allows you to keep channels safe. We also provide free replacement for bad channels, conditional you don’t change the settings given by us. Since, our vendor provides us with 60 days replacement for channels with the same conditions.

Also, we have anti-blocking feature where if parallel and continuously channels are getting blocked system identifies and stops the script from operating. These saves the batch of channels automatically at the time of any update

Our system notifies admin automatically and you can upgrade the script to latest version whenever we release any additional features & updates

We understand not many people will understand the nature of our product and will have the budget to invest into our product. But, its fine. We also can’t work with everyone due to limitations on daily channels that we get from our vendors.

All the channels delivered to you are covered with 60 days free replacement. Conditional, that you use the settings we provide for continues use.

Average life of channels is 4-7 months

After that you can purchase new batch of channels. And also, purchase more channels otherwise incase you want to scale your campaigns to even more larger campaigns.

P.S. While most people will be dabbling around the latest desktop based marketing tools such as Blaster Bulk Sender, WhatsApp Bulk Sender, WhatSender, WhatsApp Sender Pro, WhatsApp Blaster Pro, and other similar WhatsApp marketing app. And failing again & again. Our clients are having consistent marketing results with all their time, energy and efforts utilizing into the right marketing tool.

Head over to our website’s getting started with WhatsApp marketing page. And also checkout WhatsApp Marketing Videos to understand the real power of WhatsApp Marketing!

WhatsApp Marketing Software Reviews & Pricing 2020
WhatsApp Marketing Software Reviews & Pricing 2020 - Is WA Script Better in 2020? 1

Latest reviews on major WhatsApp marketing software and it's pricing as comparison to WA Script, a self hosted WhatsApp marketing tool.

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